Serviced Apartments?

– what the heck?

The WOW Concept

WOW Living AG develops, manages, and markets furnished apartments throughout Switzerland. We are your point of contact for serviced apartments and business apartments. To meet the high demand, we also handle various sublet mandates and other housing solutions.


Serviced apartments - two terms, many definitions. Here's ours: 

Serviced apartments are for people who are in Switzerland for too short a time for a permanent housing solution but also too long for a hotel stay. 

If this statement resonates with you, then you've come to the right place. 

Over the past 10 years, together with our guests, we have perfected the living experience in a business apartment. This has resulted in a simple and flexible concept filled with many WOW experiences. 

Simple because we have managed to translate the extremely complex Swiss tenancy law into a language that everyone understands. Instead of 10-page rental agreements with exorbitant security deposits, we rely on straightforward and clear agreements that still allow you to register with the relevant housing authority. 

Simple also because we avoid unnecessary paperwork and instead focus entirely on digital solutions. We believe that in a time when Elon Musk sends electric cars into space and robots mow our lawns, printed and mailed rental agreements are no longer contemporary. 

And simple also because with us, you don't have to worry about internet access or cleaning. Our serviced apartment prices include all utilities, from TV subscriptions to refrigerator electricity. You will receive a monthly bill and don't have to deal with unnecessary paperwork for your business apartment - we take care of that for you. 

Flexible because we adapt to the wishes of our serviced apartment guests. Do you need a parking space? Do you require an extra bed for your friends visiting your furnished apartment? Do you want to store your ski equipment in a basement? No problem, we'll take care of it. Surely, you agree with us that starting fresh in a foreign country already brings enough challenges. As hosts of serviced apartments, we see it as our duty to provide you with a barrier-free start here in Switzerland. 

 Flexibility starts with your arrival at the serviced apartment. Our WOW Guide will accompany you through our 24/7 self-check-in. This way, you can arrive without time pressure and settle into your new furnished apartment. On the next working day, we will personally welcome you and answer all your questions about the apartment, as well as the city and daily life. 

When it comes to rental payment, we offer you the flexibility you need. Whether it's bank transfer, paying with a credit card upon arrival, or using bitcoins, we'll find a solution. 

Then there are the WOW experiences. These are intended to make your stay in your business apartment unforgettable. With small extras, we want to leave a lasting impression. How about a personal e-scooter that allows you to explore the city during your stay? Or recipes that guide you through regional delicacies? Of course, a good sound system in your furnished apartment with matching playlists should not be missing either. And then there's our WOW Guide, a digital assistant for all your questions about life in Switzerland. Learn about local food delivery services, recycling policies, or find a personal selection of our favorite restaurants. 

How does our concept work exactly?

How we work



We make Swiss tenancy law understandable for our guests by creating transparent and simple contracts and providing monthly invoices with detailed costs for electricity, water, cleaning, etc.


WOW Living Platform 2.0. You're probably thinking, "Here comes another platform that makes life easier for operators (CRM, accounting, invoicing, etc.)." Far from it, we have developed a platform that focuses solely on the guest. With our platform, we digitally support our guests on their way to an efficient and straightforward contract conclusion. Digitalization is important, but we believe that less is more. Keep it simple and make it work!


Digitalization is at the center. However, we don't forget that people are at the heart of serviced living, and where people are, the personal touch is essential. Check-in is the perfect opportunity to get to know each other personally and, at the same time, the best recipe for a good tenancy relationship. It's not just about how the washing machine or the extractor hood works; we answer those questions in digital form. The first meeting is about security, feeling welcome, and getting to know a trusted person on-site. 15 minutes is all we need. 

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