The guest as a human.

WOW Soap
Let our sustainable WOW hand soap transport you to heavenly spheres. In our furnished apartments, we combine luxury and sustainability for a unique living experience.
High-quality furniture and interior design
Feel the quality of the selected materials of our furniture in your personal Business Apartment. With us, upscale equipment meets sophisticated interior design.
WOW E-Scooter
Discover your new city on the WOW E-Scooter. Each of our serviced apartments offers you the opportunity to explore your surroundings in a new way.
WOW Living Playlist
Switch off, lean back and enjoy our WOW Spotify playlists on the Sonos sound system. Sound enjoyment is an important part of the living experience in our furnished apartments.
Fully equipped kitchen
Cook for yourself and your friends in our fully equipped kitchens. Whether you want to celebrate, enjoy or just relax - our serviced apartments offer you a temporary home.
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